Image World peace: can we be optimistic?

World peace: can we be optimistic?

To tackle with the daily conflicts and problems in life, peace organizations and religions have persistently made efforts to build a peaceful world. However, it is reported that even though some states are not at wars, they have a considerably high crime rate.

That is why the peace ambassador Prem Rawat said in his messages of peace that wherever you go, public insecurity is a big issue. He emphasizes that insecurity is everywhere even in developing countries like America, Japan or China. Thus, the world is in a great need for peace. Can we be optimistic to achieve global peace?

Many cities lie in violence despite their attractions

It is needless to say that people are not going to spend their vacation in a war-torn country, or in a place where political turmoil and civil riots are prevalent. Unfortunately, many cities in the world are disreputable for insecurity and high crime rate. For example, many cities in Mexico are notorious for having the highest homicide rate even though the country is not involved in any war.

Likewise, the beautiful cities of Barcelona, Paris and Rome are among the most infamous places as far as pickpocketing and purse snatching are concerned. All those facts make it difficult to believe in the possibility for global security.

Achieving world peace by addressing the root causes of the problems

It is likely to achieve world peace if the coreroots of the problems are identified and properly dealt with. Nowadays, organizations and associations, which work for peace all over the world, encourage conflicting communities, states or nations to resolve political skirmishes through negotiations and peace talks.

Quite often, their attempts are successful to remedy the situation and reunite the conflicting parties. Therefore, it is hopeful that we can achieve peace in the world.

World peace is possible if each family is at peace

The fundamental purpose of Prem Rawat's peace education lies in the discovery of inner peace. More precisely, he said in his messages of peace that upon discovery of mind tranquility, each individual has the potential to become strong and have an optimistic view of life.

If each person in a family is at peace with their individual self, they know how to control their emotions and deal with their surroundings serenely. If each family in a community is at peace with their neighbors, the world will certainly become a peaceable haven. To learn more information about Prem, visit 

World peace is hopeful through a change in mindset

Knowing that several kinds of equipment are available for countries worldwide to conquer their opponents, one can become unenthusiastic about the possibility of a long-lasting peace on Earth.

Some of the most life-threatening tools for mass destruction like chemical attacks, biological weapons and aerial warfare, can annihilate humankind at no time at all. If any of that warfare broke out, global peace would be put to end. In addition, human intelligence has developed a lot.

Consequently, the advancement of technology makes it possible for Man to have a total control over life continuation on Earth. As a result, unless there is a change in the mindset to stop violence and save human lives, it will be uncertain to sustain world peace in the future.